One Escaped Inmate Found, One More to Go

So a thief and a violent sex-offender escape...


It sounds like a joke, but it's not. In the past week, two Arizona inmates have gotten away. The good news is that as of Monday afternoon, the thief is back in jail where he belongs. The bad news? The violent sex offender is still wandering around, free.

On Sunday, 20-year old Yelson Moreno escaped from a minimum-security prison in Florence by cutting a hole in the fence. He was serving a 30-month sentence from theft. Yesterday, Department of Corrections officers -- aided by trained police dogs -- tracked him to a field by a chili farm in Casa Grande, where an officer dramatically apprehended Moreno by tackling him to the ground.

Looks like Moreno's exploits have earned him an upgrade -- this time, they're sending him to Eyman prison, a maximum-security facility.

The sex offender, who escaped by jumping over two fences and walking through a parking lot, is still at large.

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