Feathered Bastard

One of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Detention Officers Popped for (Alleged) Sexual Conduct w/Daughter

When it rains it pours, people. Needless to say, it's late, but I just caught this errant ball from the MCSO's list of recent press releases. I think it pretty much speaks for itself. Perhaps Sheriff Joe should spend less time roving the West Valley with a military-style force looking for lawbreakers, and a little more time sniffing out the alleged evil doers in his own backyard.

When I get a mugshot, I'll post it. Till then, here it is, hot off the MCSO's Web site:

Date: January 12, 2009

Detention Officer Arrested

For Sexual Conduct Involving a Minor


(Phoenix, AZ) Maricopa County Sheriff's Detention Officer Robert Ramirez was arrested and charged Monday by the Phoenix Police Department for sexual conduct with a minor.


Ramirez's 15 year old daughter reportedly admitted to her mother, who is also a detention officer, that she was molested by Robert when she was approximately ten years old. The information was passed along to the Phoenix Police Department who say that Ramirez admitted to the charge after submitting to and failing a polygraph examination.


Ramirez worked for the Sheriff's Office as a detention officer since November of 2005 and was assigned to the Lower Buckeye Jail. Subsequent to his arrest Ramirez has been placed on administrative leave pending further determination of his employment.

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