Other Leaders in Tonight's Primary: Ben Quayle, Doug Ducey, David Schweikert

Rick Romley and Tom Horne seem to be two casualties of the public's desire to stick it to illegal immigrants, as we've reported tonight. (NOTE: As the votes came in, Horne took the lead and later won).

David Schweikert, a Republican candidate in Congressional District 5, also made illegal immigration central to his campaign -- and it appears to have paid off for him, too.

The kinder, gentler approach to SB1070 didn't work for Republican Joe Penalosa in Congressional District 6 race, either. He's being trounced by competitor Janet Contreras, who strongly supports 1070 and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

It looks like the only politician who couldn't make this tactic work is Barry Wong, who infamously suggested a few weeks ago that the state should shut off power for all illegal immigrants. Wong has the poorest showing among three Republicans in that race.

Other primary results we had an eye on:


Doug Ducey seems to be the Republican winner for state treasurer.

Former State Senator Scott "The Friendly ex-Felon" Bundgaard seems to have pulled off a win against current State Senator Jack "the Republic Recruits Gays" Harper for the northwest Valley's state senate seat.

In the West Mesa Justice Court, the Moonies beat the Mormons. Longtime Justice of the Peace Clayton "Bud Hamblen" was beat soundly by former state representative Mark Anderson.

Ruth McClung won out against other Republicans for the right to challenge Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva. We decided a while back that McClung wouldn't stand a chance against Grijalva -- but that was before Grijalva asked the rest of the country to boycott his state.

Being a writer and early contributor for the Dirty doesn't seem to have hurt Ben Quayle at all -- maybe it even helped. He was leading as of 10:15 p.m. with about 2,500 more votes than competitor Jim Waring.

On the "D" side, Chris Deschene is well ahead of former state Real Estate Commissioner Sam Wercinski in the run for Secretary of State. Either way, we'd have to double-check those names.

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