I take nobody's word these days. I don't believe the Warren Commission. I also don't believe the conspiracy theories of his being killed by the mob and Fidel Castro.

I don't even believe County Attorney Richard Romley when he says he has solved the murder of actor Bob Crane of Hogan's Heroes.

And I won't believe it next year when Assistant Attorney General Fred Newton drags Max Dunlap into court again and accuses him of killing Arizona Republic reporter Don Bolles.

The only man I believe is Brian Quigg, the director of the Intelligence Connection, here in Arizona.

Quigg is the mysterious investigator who, working on his own, ferrets out and solves all crimes, large and small.

Quigg summoned me to appear for an important meeting on the Kennedy assassination to be held in a basement room of ASU's Memorial Union.

I dared not fail to appear. For months, Quigg has been investigating various Arizona crimes, and solving every one of them to his own satisfaction.

He has gone behind the scenes in the Charles Keating story. He knows how Keating got away with millions in cash and precious artwork on the night before his indictment.

Quigg also has investigated the slayings of the Buddhist monks in the Thai temple last summer. Only Quigg, through his own investigation, has been able to ferret out the conclusion.

International drug smugglers and the U.S. Air Force did it, Quigg says. The drugs were coming into Luke Air Force Base, and the monks were somehow involved.

Better still, Quigg has found out that the same men who were behind the killing of the monks were working for the CIA during the Vietnam war. They were performing government-sponsored black-bag murders in Thailand and Laos, as well as Vietnam.

It has been one endless plot with the former CIA agents committing mayhem and eluding detection for decades. Some of them have connections in the highest places in the American government, Quigg says.

You are missing out on the greatest stories of the decade," Quigg said the other day. Actually, I solved them quite easily. But I'm willing to let you in on the information I have uncovered." Quigg demanded that I come to hear Robert Groden, the staff photographer to the Warren Commission. He was ready to tell all about the murder of President John F. Kennedy to ASU students.

I arrived as the lights were being turned out. The room was packed, with many students standing against the rear walls.

Groden was already speaking.
I was the staff photographer to the Warren Commission," Groden said. I even played the part of one of the doctors who treated Kennedy in Oliver Stone's JFK. After I'm finished showing my films, which I have spent $250,000 of my own money to collect, I will show you an amazing film.

It is a half-hour interview with Dr. Fletcher Prouty, who has been investigating the Kennedy assassination since 1963. In the film JFK, the role of Fletcher Prouty was played by Donald Sutherland. Do you remember that sequence when Mr. X lays out the total plan as to how the conspiracy to kill Kennedy worked?" Actually, the Sutherland performance is the highlight of the film. As far as it goes, it is convincing. The only problem with it is that even Stone admits none of it ever happened. He put the incident into the film to speed up the plot for the viewers.

Groden began running his film. It was fascinating. There were not only the photographs of the actual assassination taken by Abraham Zapruder, but there were also enhanced shots that show the president's head being blown apart.

Now we are using a technique called Rotoscope," Groden says. Watch how much clearer the picture becomes. You can see the violence and the impact with which he was pushed.

Now you see that the killing shot came from the front and not the back. There's a red halo. The shot had to come from the front." Groden also showed enhanced photographs of the window in the Texas School Book Depository from which Lee Harvey Oswald fired.

Look at these enhanced photos taken only 30 seconds after the shooting," Groden said. Look closely. See the shadows. There are three men up there. Oswald was not alone." Groden is convincing. There is only one problem. When you look at his films, you really do not see the other figures he speaks about.

Groden shows films of a wall along the grassy knoll where he believes other snipers were positioned.

Here is film taken at the grassy knoll at the time," Groden says. Now, when we enlarge it, don't you see a rifle sticking out? I believe the man who fired the head shot was standing right there." Another problem. When Groden sees the rifle sticking out, he is the only one in the room who sees such a thing.

The conspiracy theory works, only if you want to believe you see men and rifles in dark shadows.

At the conclusion of Groden's lecture, he apologizes for not showing the film he promised by Dr. Fletcher Prouty, the Mr. X of the movie JFK.

I sent my man out to get the film from the rental car we had parked nearby," Groden says.

The car has been towed, and the film is missing," Groden said ominously.
The conspiracy continues.

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Tom Fitzpatrick