Over the Weekend: Fireworks, First Friday and Little Pieces

By Jonathan McNamara

You're stuffed full of grilled meats and your clothes still smell like fireworks, but alas, the weekend has drawn to a close. Before you head back to the grind stone, take a gander at these weekend activities. Did you hit them all or did you miss out?

Rev White and Boom at Phoenix International Raceway

Indepence Day weekend got started with a few explosions and an accidental fire or two courtesy of the Rev, White and Boom fireworks extravaganza at Phoenix International Raceway. See what goes on behind the scenes at a fireworks display like this in our slide show: Rev, White and Boom at Phoenix International Raceway.

First Friday

It's no surprise that a First Friday on Independence Day would have fireworks, but who would have suspected the Ghostbusters would be there too?

Little Pieces at Modified Arts

Musicians Little Pieces weren't about to let a lack of A/C stop them from putting on a raucous show at Modified Arts. With Sydney Sprague, Alaska and Me and The Guestroom, the band offered the sweet relief of music to help audience members beat the heat.

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