Over the Weekend: Minikiss, the Image Comics Seven and a Few Pot Shots

By Jonathan McNamara

How many spider men does it take to drive comic fans crazy? Turns out it's just one, but even he couldn't stand up to the combined powers of the Image Comics creators, who packed into Atomic Comics for Free Comic Book Day in Mesa this weekend.

The seven artists -- who include such heralded comic greats as Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane and Rob Liefeld -- signed autographs and even passed out bottles of water to their mile-long line of patient fans.

This weekend, there were also long lines at Indian School Park as pot enthusiasts showed up to support the legalization of the green stuff as part of the Global Marijuana March. Participants marched with signs, signed petitions and even toked up to get into that protesting mood.

It wasn't the nachos or over-priced cocktails that packed Dos Gringos on Saturday; it was four little men dressed as Kiss. Minikiss took the outside stage by storm. The foursome had their Kiss roles down, with Mini Gene spewing blood and Mini Ace launching various pyrotechnics from his guitar. The only thing that could have made their performance better would have been the ability to play their own instruments.

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Jonathan McNamara

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