Over the Weekend: Stephenie Meyer, Miss Gay Arizona, Discount Assassin

"Breaking Dawn" Midnight Release at Changing Hands Bookstore

Several fans showed up to get their hands on the latest Stephenie Meyer release on Friday August 1, 2008.

See more from the midnight release in our slideshow "Breaking Dawn Midnight Release Party at Changing Hands Bookstore"

Top 15 Rocker Faces of Lollapalooza

Didn't make it to Lollapalooza? No worries, we've got a slideshow of the top rock faces of the festival courtesy of our Village Voice Media family. Get those horns up and pay these punks the rock tribute they deserve.

Discount Assassin Premiere at Samurai Comics

Need someone bumped off? It'll cost ya'. How much? $3.

Check out the film yourself on Up on the Sun.

Miss Gay Arizona Party at Apollo's

With the pageant a week away, hopefuls for the 2008 Miss Gay Arizona Pageant dragged themselves to Apollo's to see past winners suit up and strut their stuff on August 3, 2008.

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