Over the Weekend: The epic battle that is Father's Day

By Jonathan McNamara

Father's Day Paint Ball at Ballers Arena

Maybe you showed Dad how much you care by taking him to brunch. For the players at Ballers Arena, ham and eggs weren't going to cut it. They showed Dad their love by shooting him in the face!

Ballers Arena, an indoor paint ball facility, let Dads play for free on Father's day giving them ample opportunities to stick it to junior for not mowing the lawn.

Zap! Vintage Video Games at the McCullough-Price historical house

Coin-operated fun was had by all this weekend courtesy of the Zap! Vintage Video Games exhibit at the McCullough-Price historical house.

On display were several arcade classics like Centipede right along side current generation games like Guitar Hero and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. If you missed your chance to check it out this weekend, you can try again any day between now and September 6.

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester Tennessee

No dear reader, we haven't gone loco on you. We know Bonnaroo went down in Tennessee, but members of the Village Voice family were there recording it all for you.

Check out not one, but two galleries from the festival: Bonnaroo 2008 in Manchester, Tennessee with M.I.A., Jack White and Chris Rock and The Women of Bonnaroo 2008 in Manchester, TN

Niki's Weekend Word: Tramps & Thieves, *Sadisco, and down-low debauchery

Music Editor Niki D'Andrea has the low down on the musical events happening in town this weekend. Check her coverage from the Tramps & Thieves CD release party and Sadisco on Up on the Sun.

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