Paul Babeu: Look at Me! Look at Me! Jan Brewer Stuck Her Finger In My Face, Too!

Fox News host/Governor Jan Brewer's BFF Greta Van Susteren broadcasted a photo last night of the governor sticking her finger in the face of Pinal County Sheriff/Congressional candidate Paul Babeu.

Brewer's bestie even hams it up, noting that the governor is an "equal opportunity pointer."

The photo of Babeu, as you can see above, is quite similar to the photo of Brewer sticking her finger in the face of President Barack Obama that went viral last week. More on that here.

Brewer has since whored the photo out to raise money for her political action committee -- and Babeu, in a Joe Arpaio-esque act of perverse media slutiness, issued a press release bragging about his encounter with the business end of Brewer's finger.

"Governor Brewer visited Pinal County to celebrate our centennial and she was received like a rock star and the students simply loved her," Babeu says in the release. "Unlike President Obama, I have done my job, enforced all the laws, and would never give guns to the Mexican drug cartel we're fighting. Governor Brewer wasn't scolding me in this picture, she was telling me to keep up the fight and that we're winning." 

In the press release, Babeu claims his office has received many media inquiries "both locally and nationally" about the photo, which appeared on the website.

We checked it out -- we can only find one news article about the photo...on Van Susteren's website.

Babeu's playing the press release off as a way to clear up any misconceptions about the photo (which probably would have gone unnoticed if his office didn't put out a press release about it).

In reality, though, Babeu's running for Congress as a conservative border bully -- it appears the sheriff is using the photo to score political points by highlighting his good relationship with Brewer, one of the darlings of the conservative movement against the federal government's  failure to secure the southern border.

Again, like Arpaio's press release about a website that glorifies murdering cops, we probably never would have known the photo exists -- if the sheriff didn't mention it in a press release, that is.

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