Paul Babeu, Pinal County Sheriff, Jumps Aboard the Latest Immigration-Related Conspiracy

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is at it again -- trying to gin up fear about immigrants running wild and ready to "commit crimes against the citizens in our state."

That's what he claimed during an appearance on CNN.

He's echoing criticism by Republicans that comes in the wake of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials releasing about 300 undocumented immigrants being detained in Pinal County.

Babeu told host Wolf Blitzer that hundreds of "criminal illegals" were "let loose" in his community by federal immigration officials. And, Babeu claims, "many" of the released individuals have felonies and are highly likely to "commit crimes against citizens in our state."

Yet, in the same five-minute segment Babeu whines that feds denied him information about the names, offenses, and criminal history of the immigrants released.

The clairvoyant sheriff somehow knows they are all violent criminals even though the doesn't know anything about them -- not even their names.

Federal officials have stated they released detainees with nonviolent offenses. But it's a narrative doesn't fit into Babeu's publicity-grabbing campaign.

Watch the video:

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Monica Alonzo
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