Paul Babeu Was Butt of Joke Delivered By His #2 Guy Steve Henry

In early March, shortly after the sex-and-'deportation' scandal that enveloped Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu hit the news, his chief deputy, Steve Henry, fulfilled a speaking engagement in Las Vegas at the annual convention of the Western States Sheriff's Association.

At the time, the telegenic and articulate Henry was heir apparent to then-congressional candidate Babeu as sheriff of the central Arizona county. 

Henry's scheduled topic was predicable, but topical and entertaining: Mexican cartels, illegal immigration, drugs.

But from what we heard at the time (just getting around to blogging about it now), it was his warm-up line that had law enforcement folks yipping afterward.

Though we don't have a tape of the speech, two folks who were there told us separately what Henry said, and their recollections pretty much were note-for-note.

I'm the Chief Deputy of Pinal County, he began.

In some other jurisdictions, they call my job the 'undersheriff.'

But right about now, Henry said, I'm sure glad they don't.

Those in attendance who knew about Paul Babeu's situation -- the gay Mexican lover, the salacious photos, and so on -- cracked up.

The others were briefed later.

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