Paul Babeu's Favorability With Arizona Voters Hits the Toilet; Joe Arpaio's Support Split

Public Policy Polling released the last of the results from its probe of Arizona voters today, which show that if you're one of Arizona's two most-famous sheriff's, most people don't like you.

More people said they liked the City of Yuma than said they liked Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu. Yuma.

A full 23 percent of people who picked up the phone for PPP last week said they had a "favorable" view of Babeu, who recently dropped his congressional bid.

(Yuma scored the hearts and minds of 31 percent.)

As for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, just 46 percent of people said they haven't been paying attention had a "favorable view" of him.

We'll give you the rest of the bullet points below, based on 500 Arizona voters:

  • Thirty-nine percent support gay marriage, 38 percent support civil unions for gay couples, and 21 percent don't like either.
  • Flagstaff is more popular than Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma.
  • More than half of Arizonans didn't give a rip about the Phoenix Coyotes' playoff run.
  • Almost half don't think Arizona will be a swing state, while one-fifth don't know.
  • Mitt Romney leads Obama.
  • Nine percent of Arizonans say they like libertarian Gary Johnson for president.
  • If Mitt Romney chose Arpaio, Senator John McCain, or Governor Jan Brewer as his running mate, he'd so worse in Arizona than he would without them.

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