Proud killer Paul Giovante Jones
Proud killer Paul Giovante Jones

Paul Giovante Jones is a Killer and He's Quite "Proud of it." Latest Victim: Boyfriend Colton Scharge

If you happen to run into the parents of accused murderer Paul Giovante Jones, do him a favor and let them know he's a killer and he's "proud of it."

That's the message Jones, 26, asked Scottsdale police to relay to his parents after he fatally shot his boyfriend, Colton Scharge, yesterday afternoon after discovering Scharge had sex with his best friend.

Additionally, Jones says he's killed before -- three times, actually.

About 5 p.m. yesterday, police were called to the Scottsdale apartment Jones and Scharge share with two other men. One of the roommates told dispatchers Jones had just shot Scharge in the head with a shotgun after the two had been arguing.

The caller also told police that he had used his own handcuffs to detain Jones after the shooting.

Police arrived at the apartment to find Jones handcuffed, Scharge fatally shot in the head, and the two other roommates waiting outside.

One of the roommates told officers that Jones and Scharge had been drinking wine earlier in the day. Scharge took a nap, waking up about 2 p.m., and started arguing with Jones.

As the argument between the boyfriends progressed, the roommate heard Jones start counting down from five.

"Five...four...three," the roommate told police he heard Jones count before stopping in the middle of the countdown to briefly argue with Scharge again.

Jones then finished counting. When he got to "one," the roommate heard a gunshot.

In all, Jones shot Scharge three times. He later told police one of the shots was to the back of Scharge's head "to make sure he was dead."

Jones then told police he found out Scharge had sex with his best friend and that he lied about it, which is why he shot him.

Then he made the startling admission that he's a killer, and he's killed three times before. Then he asked the cops to let his parents know about his deadly hobby and to tell them he's "proud of it."

When detectives collected Jones' blood-spattered clothes, he commented that the blood on his shoes were his "artwork."

He then had the sense to tell the cops he wanted a lawyer -- before threatening suicide.

He was booked into jail on one count of first-degree murder.  

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