All The Best Paul Gosar Coronavirus Memes

Gosar's post-coronavirus quarantine tweets.
Gosar's post-coronavirus quarantine tweets.
Paul Gosar via Twitter
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On Sunday, Arizona Representative Paul Gosar announced he is isolating himself after shaking hands and spending an "extended period of time" with a person at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference who has since tested positive for the 2019 novel coronavirus.

"I am not currently experiencing any symptoms, nor is any member of my staff," Gosar wrote in a statement shared on Twitter. "However, in order to prevent any potential transmission, I will remain at my home in Arizona until the conclusion of the 14 day period following my interaction with this individual."

Gosar added that he is closing his office in Washington, D.C., for the week. Texas Senator Ted Cruz also shook hands with the infected person at CPAC and is quarantining himself for the next two weeks as well.

Gosar seems to have been doing some deep thinking in the wake of his brush with coronavirus. Around 9 a.m. on Monday morning, Gosar wrote on Twitter that he has "Been thinking about life and mortality today. I’d rather die gloriously in battle than from a virus. In a way it doesn’t matter. But it kinda does."

The tweet was accompanied by an image from the 2018 movie The Great Battle. The photo is one of the first Google image search results for the word "battle."

Gosar, who is a dentist, has since sparked a meme, with thousands of people reposting Gosar's text about life, mortality, and preferring to die in battle alongside images of everything from Corgis fighting with inflatable swords on a beach to heavily armored squirrel knights.

This heated standoff from The Office also made an appearance:

As did an old viral video of two people repeatedly, aggressively giving each other the middle finger in New York:

This knife-wielding crab clearly would rather die gloriously in battle:

Gosar's reflection on life and mortality went on to be paired with GIFs of people struggling with everyday household chores taken from infomercials, an image of an older woman holding the extremely large sword wielded by Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, and men in suits chasing Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty.

Phoenix New Times joined in as well. Oh, to be a javelina sprinting through Tucson thinking about life and mortality.

Musing about dying gloriously in battle wasn't the only poignant thought Gosar shared on Twitter.

"Good morning to everyone except those hoping I die from Corona Virus," Gosar wrote around 8 a.m. "You know who you are."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.