Paul Gosar: It's "Incomprehensible" That Paul Babeu's Trying to Play the Victim

After releasing two not-so-scathing statements through his campaign last week about Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu's Mexican ex-lover problems, Congressman Paul Gosar now sounds pretty peeved off with Babeu (he is one of his Republican primary opponents in the congressional race, after all).

Instead of the tone last week -- where Gosar commented on Babeu's apparent "abuse and misuse of public trust and resources" -- Gosar's put a bit more bite to his words.

"I find it incomprehensible that Paul Babeu is attempting to take the position of a victim to garner national sympathy for this self created scandal," Gosar says. "As a law enforcement officer Babeu should understand victims' rights and be ashamed of his efforts to save his lifelong political career at the expense of his ex-boyfriend, the victim of his intimidation and threats."

Now that there's a pending investigation into the claims against Babeu, it appears Gosar's getting a little more fiery -- and he's got more to say.

From the Gosar campaign:

With strong evidence against him in the form of text messages and statements by his victim and his victim's lawyers, those following this story have no reason to believe it was motivated by anything beyond fear and intimation as they claim. Recent developments have shown that Babeu's ex-boyfriend was illegally using a 10-year tourist visa to reside in the United States.  As his time in law enforcement should have taught him, ignorance is not a defense; Claims by Babeu that in his three year relationship he never questioned the legal immigration status of his partner further demonstrate the lack of judgment needed to represent the people of Arizona.

Gosar added he's "grateful" for State Attorney General Tom Horne assigning the Solicitor General to investigate the case.

The other GOP player in the race for the nomination in the state's 4th Congressional district, state Senator Ron Gould, told a Kingman newspaper that Babeu ought to at least consider resigning from his post as sheriff and pulling out of the congressional race.

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