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Paul Penzone Camp Says It's Challenging Mike Stauffer's Signatures Today (w/Updates)

The campaign of former Phoenix Police Sergeant Paul Penzone says it is supporting a challenge to Scottsdale Police Lieutenant Mike Stauffer's nomination signatures, a challenge that threatens to strike Stauffer's name from the November general election ballot for Maricopa County Sheriff.

Phoenix lawyer Andrew Gordon tells me the challenge will be filed today and will go line-by-line, disputing enough signatures to eliminate Stauffer's name as an Independent challenger to incumbent GOPer Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is running for an unprecedented sixth term as the county's top lawman.

According to the county recorder's website, Stauffer has submitted 29,794 signatures, more than 10,000 over the 19,410 required of an Independent running in that race. 

Any challenge to Stauffer's petitions would have to invalidate enough signatures to push Stauffer below that minimum number of 19,410.

Gordon said his office is still working on the challenge, which has to meet a 5 p.m. deadline today, so he didn't have the final number of signatures that will be questioned. 

"But we will have enough," he insisted, explaining that the challenges will be a combination of discrepancies both with the petition signers and with the petition circulators.

"If the circulator is invalid, then all the signatures gathered by that circulator get struck," Gordon stated. "There are some circulators who are being challenged because the addresses they give don't exist. One of them gave a Basha's shopping center as their address."

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