Peoria Father Aaron Chubick Arrested in 2008 Hit-and-Run That Killed Bicyclist

A Peoria man who smashed his pickup into a bicyclist in 2008, then left the victim dead on the road, was picked up by cops last week on charges of manslaughter and hit-and-run.

On October 26, 2008, Peoria resident Richard Markarian, 65, was riding his bike in about 3:30 a.m. on Beardsley Road when the pickup truck careened into him from behind.

Driver Aaron Chubick may have been impaired: Peoria police say that while Chubick was fleeing to his house, he again lost control of his pickup and drove up a curb at 95th Avenue and Beardsley.

After getting home, Chubick, now 32, told his wife about the collision, who called police, says a 2008 Peoria police statement about the collision. The cops interviewed Chubick and searched his vehicle. Then, last month, a grand jury indicted Chubick on the two felony counts and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Peoria's "targeted enforcement unit" nailed Chubick, who'd "been moving around on us," says Peoria PD's spokesman, Mike Tellef.

Court records show that Chubick had only been living at his current address, in the 7600 block of West Sweetwater Avenue, for about a month.

Chubick's record looks clear, as far as we can tell, except for a smattering of traffic offenses in the last few years. On his Facebook site, Chubick describes himself as a family man working toward a degree at the University of Phoenix:

I am married with three boys. I have a seven year old and twins that are going to be four in March. I have been married for ten years and enjoy spending time with my family. I have recently enrolled into college and plan on obtaining a Bachelor's degree.

Chubick's arraignment is scheduled for Thursday in Maricopa County Superior Court.



UPDATE 4/9/2010: Chubick pleads not guilty to the charges and posts bond.

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