PETA to Put on Sexy "Human Barbeque" at Phoenix Convention Center

A female PETA volunteer will strip to almost nothing but body paint and lie on a pretend barbecue grill on Thursday for a protest at the cattle industry's Phoenix convention.

PETA seems to enjoy using human flesh to make their point -- the group just received a bunch of publicity over a Super Bowl ad (pictured) that was deemed too racy.

Thursday's protest will take place at the Phoenix Convention Center at 5th Street and Monroe, the site of the 2009 Cattle Industry Annual Convention and National Cattlemen's Beef Association Trade Show. (UPDATE 1/29, in the a.m.: Dang, forgot to tell you it's at NOON -- still time to get over there...)

A spokeswoman for the group, Ashley Byrne, told us by phone that during "barbecue" events in other states, "a lot of people were do disgusted when they made the connection that flesh is flesh, whether a chicken or a pig or a human body."

Fair enough, though it's hard to believe a hot chick on a fake barbecue would upset anyone but an Evangelical.

Honestly, the only thing surprising about this PETA display is that the "corpse" on the barbecue won't be wearing a Jewish star.

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