Peyton Manning to the Arizona Cardinals: Will it Actually Happen?

Peyton Manning's no longer the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, which means the frenzy is officially under way for NFL teams to make their attempts to sign him.

The Arizona Cardinals have already reached out to Manning's people, according to the ESPN-favorite "sources," and their conclusion from their mass of "sources" is that 11 other teams have also contacted Manning's people.

Still, at least some Arizonans have made it very clear they want Manning as the Cards' quarterback.

There's already a billboard and online fan campaign to land him in Arizona, and Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett is trying to bribe Manning to come here with things like doughnuts and haircuts.

"Peyton can get a tan and everything," Dockett told NFL Network. "We have the perfect fit for him right here in Arizona. He can get his number, my parking pass, free doughnuts on Saturdays, I'll make sure my guys clean his cleats real well, and even my barber can come to his house and cut his hair. All he has to do is show up to practice and play in the games."

That's Darnell Dockett for ya, ladies and gentlemen.

But with so many teams ready to start wooing Manning -- at least, according to "sources" -- do you think he'll actually come to Arizona?

Cast your vote below:

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