Phoenix "Auto Mechanic" Advertises "Affordable Auto Repair." Then He Steals Your Car

A Phoenix auto mechanic is behind bars after police discovered that not only wasn't he fixing people's cars, but was stealing them, too.

Kedrick Russell, 42, got pinched by the Phoenix Police Department earlier this week for stealing a car last December and because of the way he did it, cops feel there may be more victims.

Russell advertised his services as an auto mechanic on Ihe internet, but rather than fix a car, he would steal it.

Russell's ad claimed that he was an ASE-certified mechanic doing "affordable auto repairs."

In December 2009, the unidentified victim contacted Russell thinking he was retaining the services of an auto mechanic.

Russell showed up to the victim's house to retrieve the vehicle -- as well as $1,150.00 for the repairs -- and that was the last time the victim ever saw his car or his "mechanic."

Phoenix police Sergeant Tommy Thompson says detectives working the case tracked down another victim of Russell's alleged scam, which is why the PPD feels there may be more victims.

Russell was arrested on charges of "theft of means of transportation," as well as a collection of other warrant and probation violations. He is being held without bond at a Maricopa County jail.

If you think Russell may have stolen your car, police encouraged you to call Detective Rachel Rohkohl at (602) 262-6592.

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