Phoenix Bank Robbers Likely Brought Dog to Heist; Then Called Getaway Cab

Two Phoenix men are believed to be responsible for one of the most poorly thought out bank robbery attempts we can remember -- including fake machine-guns, a dog, and the suspects using a cab as a getaway vehicle.

This brazen act of stupidity has made the media rounds today, but we got some new details about the dog's role in the robbery that makes the attempt seem even dumber than we originally thought.

According to Phoenix police, Lynn Griffin Ivory, 52, and Paul Cooper, 39, entered the Chase Bank on Bell Road on June 10, with fake machine-guns and demanded cash from one of the tellers.

The bank employee handed over the dough, and the two men left in a white, 1989 Buick station wagon.

That's when the story takes a turn for the stupid.

A witness followed the two men to a restaurant at 35th Avenue & Bell Road, where they went inside and called a cab.

The cab picked the men up at the restaurant but was promptly stopped by the police, who not only found the suspects, the money, and the fake guns in the cab, but a dog, too.

The dog, according to Phoenix police Detective Mike Fischer, belonged to Ivory and was probably waiting in the station wagon as the two men allegedly robbed the bank, was then driven to the restaurant by the suspects, and then moved from the getaway car to the getaway taxi.

Ivory and Cooper were taken into custody, and the dog was turned over to animal-control officers. 

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