Phoenix Block Watch Treasurer Busted Stealing Funds Meant for Neighborhood Watch, Police Say

The treasurer of a neighborhood watch organization in Phoenix was busted today for allegedly stealing money from the organization over a two-month period.

Ready for the kicker? A lot of that money came from grants from the financially-fucked City of Phoenix.

Phoenix Police Detective James Holmes tells New Times that 34-year-old Vincenta Lindbloom, the treasurer of the Manzanita Block Watch Association, stole more than $6,000 from the group's general and grant funds between October and December of 2009.

The Manzanita Block Watch, Holmes says, relies on public donations and grants to operate, including grants it received from the city in both 2008 and 2009.

As treasurer, Holmes says Manzanita had complete control of the organization's grant and general funds, which she allegedly used as her own, personal piggy bank.

Holmes says Lindbloom would withdraw the money from the accounts and then falsify spending reports to indicate that she had used the money to purchase things for the organization.

In reality, the things she claimed to have bought were never actually purchased and the money was used to buy things for Lindbloom.

Holmes wouldn't say what the money Lindbloom allegedly stole was being used to buy but it wasn't for neighborhood watch supplies, as it was intended.

Lindbloom's alleged scam came to end when the president of the organization took a look at the group's financial records and realized something wasn't right. Holmes, due to "prosecutorial concerns," would not go into detail about what exactly tipped the group's president off.

Lindbloom apparently tried to repay some of the money, giving $1,800 in money orders directly to the organization's president.

After being arrested this morning, Lindbloom was booked into jail for theft by fraud, a class two felony.

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