Phoenix Business Owner's "Week of Hope" Set To Kick Off Tomorrow; Gee Whiz, Can't Wait

Just when we thought President Obama gave us all the "hope" we could handle, a Phoenix business owner is looking to provide some of his own.

Russ Haan, a Valley business owner, and founder of Hope Is In The Cards, a movement to inspire, and motivate people by writing the word "hope" on pieces of mail, is kicking off the first annual "Week of Hope" tomorrow.

"This past year has been rough and has hit many of us, economically and emotionally, in a way we didn't expect," Haan says. "In this recession and time of instability, what better way to send a message of hope and support than to physically put that message into the hands of people everywhere?"

Haan "hopes" to get more than 300 million pieces of mail circulating throughout the postal system with the cliche buzz word "hope" written on them.

Haan has teamed up with gift stores all across the country (here's the list for anyone just dying to participate) who are offering free postage to anyone who buys a card as part of "Hope Week," to help meet his goal of 300 million .

"I am so pleased that so many stores want to get behind this movement," Haan said. "These are small business owners who have taken a hit just as hard as everyone else, yet they are offering whatever they can to inspire people to impact others with this message; together we can uplift our nation one card at a time."

Haan insists that if you can't afford a card that you just write "hope" on the back of any piece of mail, including bills.

We can think of a few four-letter words we would like to write on the back of our bills, and believe us; "hope" isn't one of them.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.