Phoenix Cop Wins Spot on Celebrity Golf Foursome Before the U.S. Open


Larry Giebelhausen (right) should go into politics.

The Phoenix police lieutenant lobbied his friends, fellow church members, and about anyone would listen to vote for him online in a contest hosted by Golf Digest magazine and the U.S. Open. He even got the Arizona Republic to publish an article about his efforts to win.

And on Saturday morning, his campaign paid off, according to a police news release today:

... at 6:00a.m. Lt. Larry (Giebelhausen) was awakened by his telephone. Now at that time of the morning, on a Saturday, a phone call can only mean really bad news right? Not this time; the call was from Golf Digest and they informed Larry that he had one the Golf Digest/U.S Open challenge and he is heading for New York.

Larry wishes to thank all of his friends, the media and our community for voting for him and making this all possible. Now we all hope he really "Shoots Low"!

The last bit is a reference to Giebelhausen's six-word essay he submitted for the contest: I'm a cop; I'll shoot low." We're not sure about that metaphor -- does he means cops like to aim below the belot? But what the heck, it's kind of clever and online voters loved it: The lieutenant 30 percent of nearly 110,000 online votes, according to a write-up today by Golf Digest.

It'll be an experience of a lifetime for the amateur golfer and Desert Horizon precinct police supervisor. Besides playing golf and scouting for the beer cart with Jordan, Justin Timberlake and Pittsburgh Steelers player Ben Roethlisberger, Giebelhausen will be trying to shoot less than 100 on the challenging and beautiful Bethpage Black golf course in New York. The round will take place a couple of days before the start of the U.S. Open, which is also being played at Bethpage.

We can just imagine Gielbelhausen's double entendre in a headline after his game -- maybe something like, "Phoenix Cops Shoots 99 in New York."



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