Phoenix Coyotes Already Last in the NHL in Attendance

After just four games in this season, the average attendance for Phoenix Coyotes home games has already reached last in the National Hockey League.

That's the same Phoenix Coyotes team that lost in the Western Conference Final last year to the eventual Stanley Cup champions, the Los Angeles Kings.

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Hat-tip to the Phoenix Business Journal for pointing out that the attendance was already low, but here are the three crappiest things about this attendance thing:

  • The attendance average through four games this year (12,269) is almost 3,000 less than the next worst-attended team, the Winnipeg Jets.
  • It's just four games, but it's worse than last year's average attendance.
  • Through four home games, the 49,079 have gone to Arena to see the Coyotes play. The Chicago Blackhawks have had just two home games, which 43,062 people have attended.

Unless you've been watching on TV, here's the kind of stuff you've been missing -- the man who sold his soul to the Coyotes assaulting members of said Los Angeles Kings organization:

Admittedly, the team's sucked a bit early on, and goalie Mike Smith's been out with an injury. However, last night's 4-0 victory over the Nashville Predators shows you they can do some exciting stuff.

One last point -- as has been the case for approximately forever, prospective owner Greg Jamison still hasn't completed the deal to buy the team. There's also a deadline for him to purchase it, and that deadline is Thursday. According to all the reports out there, though, it's expected to get done.

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