Phoenix Coyotes Lose Game Four to Detroit Red Wings, Thanks to Laughable Power Play. Game Five on Friday

The Phoenix Coyotes have had trouble with the power play all season, and last night's 3-0 loss to the Detroit Red Wings was no exception.

How do the Howlers fix their broken power play? Shoot the fucking puck.

The Coyotes had six power plays in yesterday's loss and didn't cash in on a single one because rather than taking shots and seeing what happens, the power play line seems more concerned with seeing how many passes they can complete -- and how much time they can waste.

On one of the Coyotes' lousier power play attempts, with the game tied at zero in the middle of the third period, a Johan Franzen penalty for roughing Sami Lepisto gave the Yotes a man advantage, which they did nothing with except play a little keep-away with the Red Wings defense.

For much of the power play, the Coyotes had control of the puck in the Detroit zone, but rather than taking hard shots from the point and having guys crash the net looking for a rebound, they pissed away any chance of scoring by passing the puck around, trying to set up the perfect shot.

Oh, but hold on, it gets worse.

About 90 seconds after the Franzen penalty, the Red Wings sent another man to the box when Andreas Lilja was called for hooking.

Now with a two-man advantage for about 20 seconds, the Coyotes again had control of the puck in the Detroit zone and didn't manage to get off a single shot. If it's any consolation, which it's not, they did bang out about six, firm passes before mishandling the puck and giving it up to a Detroit defender, who cleared it out of the zone.

At even strength, the Coyotes played well, though -- until the end of the third period anyway -- even without captain Shane Doan who sat out last night with a shoulder injury.

The first two periods were fairly evenly matched, with each team creating good scoring chances that were thwarted by the opposing goaltender.

Coyotes goalie Ilya Bryzgalov had 32 saves in the loss, including a close call in the first period, where the puck slipped behind him but failed to cross the goal line.

The Red Wings first goal didn't come until a Detroit power play late in the third period gave Henrik Zetterberger a clean shot on net.

Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard was flawless, though, with 29 saves, including some big ones late in the game when it mattered most.

The Coyotes head home for game five of the series on Friday. The puck drops at 7 p.m. and the game can be seen on Versus. For more info on the Coyotes, click here.

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