Phoenix Coyotes Release 2010-11 Season Ticket Prices; Get Ready to be Happy, Yotes Fans

The good news keeps rolling in for Coyotes fans.

A day after GM Don Maloney was named GM of the Year, the Howlers unveiled their season ticket prices for the 2010-11 campaign, which begins in October.

Fans will be happy to hear that the majority of the ticket prices will stay the same or even go down, which is rare -- successful teams usually go for the cash grab and bump up prices while their brand is hot.

This is also a good indication that the team isn't leaving the Valley -- this season, anyway.

Tickets go on sale Monday as the Coyotes look to continue building their fan base after a spectacular and improbable season that saw them host a playoff series (although they fell to the Detroit Red Wings, gaining a top-four seed in the Western Conference is no small feat.)

The Coyotes are bucking this trend while trying to save some fans a buck or two.

Over 10,000 seats of the 17,125 at Jobing.com Arena will be priced lower or remain the same as last year.

In fact, the average ticket price will actually drop by two dollars. This is an impressive move by the Howlers' management that should be well-received by fans who were on the fence about buying tickets.

Keep in mind, all of this comes while the team is still owned by the NHL and amid rumors that the Howlers will be shipped to Winnipeg or some other hockey-crazed city.

As part of their quest to draw in fans, the Coyotes have offered a tempting deal to fans that purchase their package before July 9. If a fan buys the package by said date, they get an invite to the Meet the Team celebration, which will be held later this year.

The Coyotes are a hot commodity in the Valley (even if they do play on ice) and are looking to gain loyal fans if they plan on a long-term future.

That being the case, lowering ticket prices isn't a bad place to start.

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