Phoenix Election: Greg Stanton and Wes Gullett Heading Into Run-Off Election

Former Councilman Greg Stanton (right) and Phoenix lobbyist Wes Gullett are likely the two mayoral candidates who will face each other on November 8.

Unofficial results show that Stanton nabbed about 38 percent of the vote, while Gullett pocketed about 21 percent of the vote.

Stanton told supporters they have to work hard, starting again at 7 a.m. tomorrow, to keep the keys of City Hall out of the hands of a lobbyist -- referring to opponent Gullett.

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon stopped off at Camp Stanton, and was likely planning other Election Night stops.

He declined to share his thoughts with New Times about the election results.

While no mayoral candidate pulled out a clear victory tonight, several City Council candidates appear to have won their seats outright in unofficial tallies:

District 1 -- Thelda Williams received 51.41 percent of the vote

District 2 -- Jim Waring got 51.59 percent of the vote, unseating incumbent Bryan Jeffries, who was appointed when Peggy Neely vacated the seat to run for mayor.

District 3 -- Bill Gates hangs on to his seat with 73.32 percent.

District 7 -- Councilman Michael Nowakowski sailed to an easy victory with 64.10 percent of the vote.

District 5 -- It appears there will be a run-off between Daniel Valenzuela, who captured 41.04 percent of the vote, and either Eric Sloan (25.57 percent of the vote) or Brenda Sperduti (25.24 percent).

Seems a little too close to call there.

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