Ricardo Marquez
Ricardo Marquez

Phoenix Family Finds Ricardo Marquez Wearing Condom and Tee-Shirt While Attempting to Abduct 4-Year-Old

Picture this: you wake up to find a man with no pants on -- wearing nothing but a condom and a tee-shirt -- carrying your 4-year-old daughter out of your house at about 6 a.m. That nightmare scenario was a reality for a Phoenix family yesterday morning, compliments of 21-year-old Ricardo Marquez.

Marquez was busted after police say he broke into the home of a 4-year-old Phoenix girl, sexually assaulted her, and then attempted to abduct her right out of her bedroom as her family slept.

Prior to breaking into the girl's home, while standing outside, Marquez took off his shorts and put a condom on, according to court records obtained by New Times.

Once Marquez entered the home -- again, wearing nothing but a condom and tee-shirt -- he sneaked into the girl's bedroom and touched her vagina "with his hand underneath her diaper" to make sure the child was female. He then sexually assaulted her using his penis and fingers.

After the assault, Marquez tried to remove the girl from the home, but the girl's grandmother heard him as he attempted to open the front door. Other family members then woke up and subdued Marquez until police arrived.

While searching the home, detectives found Marquez's shorts and a condom wrapper near a bush next to the family's back patio. They also found the used condom inside the house.

Once in custody, Marquez admitted to police that he had stripped down to a tee-shirt and a condom, broke into the home, and sexually assaulted the girl.

Court records indicate that Marquez is "mentally disturbed."

Regardless, he was booked into a Maricopa County jail on three counts of sexual conduct with a minor and one count each of burglary, kidnapping, and child molestation. He's being held without bond.

Marquez's next court appearance is scheduled for November 28.

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