Phoenix Gang Member Accused of Planning Botched 2007 Home Invasion


A Phoenix gang-banger was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of planning a botched 2007 home invasion that left one of his homies dead.

During the robbery, Cory Eugene Lamb-Jones, 35, and his fellow gangstas forced their way into an apartment, tied up two victims, poured motor oil on them, and threatened to light them on fire, court records state.

Police believe the December 30, 2007, incident began when Lamb-Jones, learned that the apartment in the 1600 block of West Willetta was being used by heroin dealers. Lamb-Jones' typical modus operandi was to rip off drug dealers, then sell the drugs himself, records state.

As Lamb-Jones and his associates were terrorizing their victims, two more folks showed up at the apartment -- a man and a woman. The home invaders set upon them. 

But -- perhaps after seeing the first two victims covered in motor oil -- one of the new arrivals fought back desperately.

One of the gang-bangers was then "shot in the chest with his own weapon," records state.

The wounded gang member died outside the apartment after the would-be robbers fled with some cash and jewelry.

Detectives interviewed witnesses and some of the other suspects, concluding that Lamb-Jones was the operation's leader.

Cops are seeking a raft of charges, including felony murder, conspiracy, aggravated assault, kidnapping, and selling drugs.

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