Phoenix Man Dumps Wife at Hospital, Drives Off, After Weird Stuff Went Down in Bedroom

A Phoenix man dropped off his wife at the hospital and drove off after what can only be described as weird stuff went down in the couple's bedroom.

Perhaps a list of the items in the couple's bedroom will give you a better idea of what was going in inside: a bloody rope, a bloody chain, bloody bolt cutters, whips, dildos, ball gags, and, according to the wife's recollection, a "demon."

According to court documents obtained by New Times, police started investigating an apparent assault victim who was being treated at the Paradise Valley Hospital on July 21.

The woman said she didn't know what had happened, but the surveillance footage in front of the emergency entrance showed the woman's husband, 48-year-old Brian Reade, drop off his wife.

The woman later told a nurse that her husband is the one who caused all these injuries to her body -- including broken bones in her face and bruises and cuts all over her body -- but later gave a slightly different explanation to police.

"The victim later stated that a demon had tied her up with chains and assaulted her," according to a police probable-cause statement.

The woman also admitted to smoking a bit of meth earlier that day.

Police note that Reade never visited his wife at the hospital but instead called police 10 hours after he dropped off his wife.

Reade told police that he thought he might be a victim and said his wife had possibly drugged him and sexually abused him, according to the documents. Police noted that Reade had no visible signs of injury.

Meanwhile, his wife told officers that it was her husband who assaulted her at their home -- more specifically, it was "not actually [her husband], but a demon that had left his body," according to the court documents.

Police served a search warrant at the couple's home, near State Route 51 and Thunderbird Road, and discovered how the woman got all her injuries.

There was a bloody rope that looked like it had been used to restrain her, while bloody bolt-cutters were apparently used to cut the woman's toes. Police also discovered a length of chain that matched some injuries on her back.

These were all in a trunk at the end of the bed, which included what police call "bondage items," in addition to whips, dildos, and ball gags. Police also noted two eyelets on the ceiling above the bed, and in the wall at the head of the bed, which are "possibly used for bondage-type situations."

By the time police arrived, the bedding had already been placed in the washing machine.

Reade was arrested, and booked into jail on two felony counts of assault with temporary disfigurement.

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