Phoenix Man Pulled Over for Seventh DUI (Third This Year) Just Tosses Keys to the Cops

At what point do you just toss your keys to the cops after getting pulled over for DUI?

Apparently when it's the seventh time you've been pulled over for DUI, and the third time this year.

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According to court documents obtained by New Times, a police officer saw a vehicle with no headlights driving on Greenway Parkway and Cave Creek Road just before 9 p.m.

The officer pulled over the driver, 41-year-old Michael James Hoover, after he clocked him going about 60 mph in a 45 mph zone and saw Hoover almost hit a curb while having a hard time staying in his lane, according to the documents.

When the officer pulled over Hoover, and went up to his window, Hoover just tossed his keys at him and said he was going home because it was his birthday (it was indeed his 41st birthday).

Hoover admitted to having shots with his friends for his birthday and said he didn't have a driver's license because it was suspended.

The officer verified that it was suspended, after already racking up six DUI arrests -- all six of them being "extreme" DUIs.

This was Hoover's third DUI arrest of 2013.

When Hoover stumbled out of his car -- and almost fell over -- he declined to take a field-sobriety test.

After being arrested, Hoover still said police couldn't draw his blood.

A search warrant was granted for Hoover's blood, so while he was arrested on suspicion of aggravated DUI -- since he was arrested for DUI while having his license suspended for DUI -- he did avoid being arrested for "extreme" DUI this time, because the blood-test results weren't immediately available.

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