Phoenix Man Shoots and Kills Neighbor's Dog, Police Say

A Phoenix man went into his neighbor's yard and shot at his dog at least five times, killing the animal, police say.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, 27-year-old Rickey Sierra encountered both of his neighbors on his way to kill the dog. First, he pointed the gun at his neighbor's foot before going into his backyard and shooting the dog in front of its owner, who was standing about five feet away, records say.

The dog had bitten Sierra's nephew before, records state.

Phoenix Police Officer James Holmes tells New Times that the 4-year-old boy was bitten while playing in the neighbor's backyard on March 19, though the bite was not serious. The bite wasn't reported to police or emergency medical services.

Sierra went over a fence of the front yard of his neighbor's home near Ninth Street and Broadway Road, records show.

Police say that's where Sierra encountered the first neighbor and "racked the slide of the gun twice in an act of intimidation." According to police, Sierra pointed the gun at the man's feet but then went toward the side of the house and through a makeshift fence into the backyard.

The dog was chained in the backyard near its doghouse, and with the owner standing behind his dog, about five feet away, Sierra fired off at least five shots, with at least one hitting the dog and killing it, police say.

Both of the people at the house said they feared that Sierra would shoot them, too.

Sierra didn't, but he ran back to his house and hid there until police served a search warrant. Sierra was removed by a SWAT team.

According to court records, Sierra is a convicted felon who's not allowed to possess a firearm. Court records describe him as a gang member with a "violent criminal history."

Sierra has done two stints in prison, once for aggravated assault and once for solicitation of murder. Sierra was released from prison most recently in January 2013.

In this case, Sierra faces four felony charges, though the charge for killing the dog is a misdemeanor.

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