Jason Link was frustrated with the government, so he chucked a boulder through the glass door of a courthouse.EXPAND
Jason Link was frustrated with the government, so he chucked a boulder through the glass door of a courthouse.
Molly Longman

Ever Want to Throw a Boulder Through Government Door? Don't

If you haven't wanted to throw a boulder at something breakable out of frustration with America at some point, you're kidding yourself.

But if you're actually going to commit to tossing stones at glass houses, make sure the houses are your own. Jason Link learned this the hard way.

According to a federal criminal complaint, Link brought a boulder to the U.S. Bankruptcy Courthouse in downtown Phoenix late last month and tossed it through a glass door out of exasperation with the government.

Last week, Link admitted he'd followed the rules of BYOB, Bring Your Own Boulder, and carried a stone from another location with the "specific intention of breaking the glass door," the complaint states.

Although the complaint says Link was taken to urgent psychiatric care after investigators tracked him down, a case manager of his told investigators that Link was competent and "knew what he was doing."

One of the front doors of the court building was still boarded up with wood as of today.

After reviewing security camera footage, investigators noted it took Link a few tries to break the glass. On his first shot, he hoisted the boulder and hit the door frame before the boulder bounced back to him.

The second try was a charm, though. He shattered the glass, prompting an investigation by Federal Protective Services and Link's arrest for destruction of government  property. He messed with the wrong landlords.

While throwing boulders into buildings is one way to air your grievances, perhaps a peaceful protest or a call to a senator would have fewer repercussions.

Link's public defender did not return a call for comment.

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