Phoenix Man Throws Shards of Glass at People While Jogging Naked Around Neighborhood

A Phoenix man who went for a jog around a neighborhood completely naked last week tossed shards of glass at people, police say.

The nude jog for 22-year-old Jose Antonio Rodriguez-Caro came to an end after he tossed a river rock "wider than his head" at a police car, which led to him being tased twice, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

Police responded to "several calls" about a man jogging naked in a neighborhood off 29th Avenue, between Camelback and Indian School roads, shortly before 6 p.m. on June 18.

An officer found him with a "very large river rock, wider than his head" and when the officer pulled up behind him, Rodriguez turned around and chucked the rock at him, according to the documents.

The rock would have "easily smashed through the windshield," and Rodriguez was within throwing distance, but he missed.

After the officer got out of his vehicle, Rodriguez shouted, "Come on, motherfucker," and balled up his fists, leading to the taser being deployed, and Rodriguez being arrested, according to the documents.

After Rodriguez was placed in a responding police car, he complained about being thirsty, so the officers gave him a bottle of water, which Rodriguez promptly spit out all over the two officers in the front seats, the documents say.

Meanwhile, multiple witnesses were telling police about their encounters with Rodriguez.

Two kids told police they saw Rodriguez, penis and all, and they ran back inside their house screaming, according to the documents.

Two men who live in the neighborhood told police Rodriguez threw shards of glass at them, unprovoked, and one guy got a cut on his arm from one of the flying shards.

Rodriguez also went after two other women who were in their yard, as he was holding shards of glass, but they ran inside the home, and were able to avoid any kind of injury.

Rodriguez continued to be uncooperative with police, according to the court documents. He did, however, deny that he was on any drugs. Based on his arrest history involving drugs, and his behavior, obviously, police believe otherwise.

Rodriguez was booked into jail on 13 charges, nine of them felonies. The charges include aggravated assault, aggravated assault on a police officer, and indecent exposure.

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