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Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and Girlfriend Elissa Mullany at 2010 Super Bowl? Gordon Refuses to Answer Questions About Who Paid for Tickets

Since Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon continues to refuse to answer questions about who's paying for the big sporting events he and his girlfriend Elissa Mullany have attended -- and won't even confirm that they went to at least two Super Bowls --  sources have felt compelled to help unravel these mysteries.

Just to be clear, we couldn't care less about Gordon's social life.

Rather, our inquiry's about determining if the mayor has used his office to rake in contributions for, say, marketing and promoting downtown Phoenix, and then used some of the money to pay his girlfriend or to attend mega events, like Super Bowls, and hang with celebrities. See today's earlier blog on the subject here.

We are waiting to hear from City Attorney Gary Verburg on just how much elected officials are allowed to accept. Verburg also has not returned phone calls seeking explanation.

We'll keep waiting. And writing. And digging.

Meantime, photos of Mullany in front of Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, where the 2010 Super Bowl was held, and of her and Arizona Cardinals star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald (previous page) -- on what is clearly a private airplane -- help chip away at the silence with which Gordon's shrouding his public office.

In an earlier post, we published a picture of Mullany with country music star Willie Nelson at what was apparently the 2008 Super Bowl at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale (note the New York Giants fan behind Mullany and the stadium backdrop). 

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