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Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon in Need of an Intervention? Espresso Pundit Thinks So

It's been said in political circles that Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon has been under a tremendous amount of stress in both his personal and public lives.

And people aren't sure what to make of some recent incoherent speeches Gordon has delivered to the public.

The Republic has quoted Gordon verbatim on some of them.

Espresso Pundit calls for an intervention to "make sure that [Gordon] gets the care he needs."

"I have talked to a handful of people who have met with him and found him to be totally incoherent," wrote the Pundit's Greg Patterson. "And I just got an email telling me that he's slurring his way through his Chicanos Por La Causa speech. Has he had a stroke?  Does he have a drug problem?  Look, if you know him and you tell me that he's under a lot of stress, but is fundamentally OK, then I'll accept that.  But it you are close to him and are sitting on your hands because you don't want to embarrass him, it's too late." 

Gordon has also come under scrutiny for the way he's been conducting business in the Mayor's Office, namely by entangling his girlfriend with official matters.

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