Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon Praised by Andrew Thomas for Not Suing Maricopa County

Back in May, an attorney for Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon sent Maricopa County officials a demand to preserve documents in anticipation of a legal claim.

Gordon "intends to pursue all his legal options for the actions leading up to and arising out of the investigation, intimidation, and harassment..by members of Maricopa County Sheriffs Office," attorney Michael Manning wrote in the letter. "It is anticipated that legal action will follow."

But a couple of days ago, Gordon recently told Yvonne Wingett of the Arizona Republic that he would not file a notice of claim -- a stance that has won him accolades from Sheriff Joe Arpaio's ally, Andrew Thomas, who's running for state Attorney General.
Thomas, in a news release today, praised Gordon and former Superior Court Judge Christopher Skelly -- who also reportedly won't file a claim against the county -- for avoiding a mediation process "that allows insiders threatening to sue Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Thomas, and the county to avoid filing a lawsuit and instead potentially receive a direct cash payout."

Gordon did not immediately return a phone call. Thomas long has refused to speak to any reporter from New Times on any matter.

It shouldn't be a surprise to see these two acting friendly to each other, despite their conflicts on the subject of illegal immigration -- after all, Gordon endorsed Thomas for county attorney in 2004. Gordon has criticized Arpaio sharply, but not Thomas.

We were also wondering -- where's Thomas' praise for County Manager David Smith, who told New Times weeks ago that he didn't intend to sue, either?

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