Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon's 2009 Calendar Missing Info on His Girlfriend's Connection to Phoenix Mega-Developer

A version of Mayor Phil Gordon's 2009 calendar released this week to New Times is missing some bits of inflammatory information that were present last year.

When city officials provided some of the same public records last year, the calendar revealed that on at least two occasions, Gordon's girlfriend Elissa Mullany was the contact person for a dinner between the mayor and Phoenix developer Steve Ellman.

See our earlier blog on Mullany's connections to Ellman here.

The records we received this week omitted that information.

Debra Stark, the mayor's chief of staff, said the redactions weren't ill-intended. She said a staffer was supposed to remove just phone numbers but instead eliminated contact names and numbers.

Perhaps it wouldn't be a big deal if it weren't for Mullany's landing on Ellman's payroll in 2009 -- a fact that sources confirmed to us.

While Mullany was working for Ellman and dating Gordon, Ellman sat in on economic-development presentations in the mayor's office. A few employees where there, including the director of the city's Community and Economic Development Department. Mullany was also at the September 23 meeting.

Ellman also was part of a Phoenix delegation that went to Mexico City to explore investment options. They met with the Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Mexico City and later with a family member of Mexico billionaire Carlos Slim.

The mayor and Ellman met for dinner at least four times in 2009, once with the Abdullah Saleh Al Jum'ah, the CEO of Saudi Arabia, according to Gordon's calender.

Mullany also repeatedly appears on Gordon's calendar, sitting in on meeting about foreign travel and on discussion about community and economic development strategies.

Other rather random redactions...

Gone was the name of Gordon's ex-wife from an entry on October 20 when he had dinner with her and former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson and Johnson's wife, Patty. The city also removed the entire calendar entry from August 13. The un-redacted records show that Gordon picked up his ex-wife at the airport. Mullany's name was also removed from a June 6 entry where Gordon was bringing his son to a birthday party for Mullany's son. 

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