Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon's Son Cuts Off Fingers in Saw Accident; Docs Able to Reattach

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon's son, police Officer Jeff Gordon, has been on paid administrative leave since January as police officials conduct an internal investigation over allegations of "inappropriate contact."

The Phoenix Police Department won't say much more than that, but apparently Jeff' Gordan has been using his paid time off to install wood floors in his home, and he accidentally lopped off two fingers in a table-saw accident on April 18.

Mayor Gordon told the Arizona Republic that surgeons were able to reattach his son's index and middle fingers on his right hand and were "guardedly optimistic" that he will be able to use them again.

From the Republic:

"The mayor said the best hand surgeons in the state have been working on his son's case and the medical team at St. Joseph's Hospital have been doing an "amazing job" helping Jeff recover. The accident, which happened on the mayor's 60th birthday, could impact Jeff's career in the police department if he can't shoot a gun anymore, but the mayor is optimistic."

"Hopefully with physical therapy, it won't affect his work if he retrains," the mayor said.

Phoenix cops are suspending the internal investigation until Gordon (the cop) recovers.

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