Phoenix Mayoral Candidate Greg Stanton's Tires Slashed During Fundraising Event

Someone slashed Phoenix mayoral candidate Greg Stanton's tires last night while he was at a fundraising event at an art gallery in Sunnyslope.

A witness from a restaurant across the street reportedly saw a large male wearing a hood over his head slash two of the tires on Stanton's gray sedan before jumping into running car waiting nearby.

Stanton's car --among more than two dozen others parked in the area -- was the only one damaged.

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Police responded to the scene near Central and Alice avenues at about 8:30 p.m.

"This is the car that I take my children to school in. I have two child car seats in the back. This is my family vehicle," Stanton tells New Times. "My family is strong and we're in this together to fight for the people of Phoenix."

"My family will not be intimidated," he says.

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