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Phoenix Named One of the Top Cities for People Under 35

Phoenix cracked the top 10 in a listing of the best cities for people 35 or younger.

The "mostly scientific guide" produced by Vocativ, a news website that relies on data mining, includes all the important stuff -- you know, like the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment, the cost of a gallon of gas, the number of coffee shops, the price of a pint of Guinness, and the price of an ounce of high-quality marijuana.

Other highly scientific measures include the number of cheap takeout restaurants per 100,000 people, the number of vintage clothing stores per 100,000 people, the percentage of the population that's young and single, and more.

Phoenix cracked the top 10 for median age (eighth), cost of Internet (eighth), cost of groceries (first), number of vintage clothing stores (ninth), and the cost of that pint of Guinness (sixth), which was found by calling a random Irish pub in the city (5 bucks, by the way).

The city didn't do so well on public transportation ridership, the cost of cigarettes, or average salary.

From Vocativ:

Don't worry about the heat, everything's air-conditioned in Arizona. Phoenix has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 20 years, and this very large, very diverse city is home to a respectable arts scene and some killer Mexican food. Rent is basically a bargain, averaging $800 for a 2-bedroom. It's also one of the youngest cities on the index, with an average age of just 31.8. Must be all that dry air.

Meanwhile, down south, Tucson landed on this list at 14th.

The top five probably won't surprise you: Portland, Austin, San Francisco, Seattle, and Minneapolis.

Click here to check out the whole analysis.

Another website also recently identified Phoenix and Tucson as top cities for 20-somethings, so maybe it's all true.

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