When your city government is preparing to shed 1,000 jobs and facing seven-digit budget shortfalls, "you gotta give the other fellow hell," as the song says.

Phoenix Officials: Screw Those Other Cities, Buy Stuff in Ours

Of course, the news release put out by the city of Phoenix today about "Buy Local Week" (reprinted below) doesn't openly insult the Valley's smaller bergs. But the city wants its 1-million-plus residents to give those towns and cities the cold shoulder, especially during the holiday seasons.

That's the point of an upcoming proclamation by the Phoenix City Council and Mayor Phil Gordon that encourages citizens of Phoenix to keep their dollars within the borders of the 500-square-mile city.

Basically, anything that boosts tax revenue for the city is good, says Gordon's spokesman, Scott Phelps.

"If you're going to buy a car, buy a car in Phoenix," Phelps says.

That's right, big old Phoenix wants people to blow off Arizona Mills Mall (it's in Tempe), skip Scottsdale's night life and watch the Cards at home, if you take its message seriously.

News release follows:

Mayor Gordon Announces Launch of Local Economic Stimulus Program this Holiday Season

 Buy Local Week proclaimed for December 8th-14th, 2008 City of Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and the City Council are encouraging consumers to "keep your money where your home is" as the holiday shopping and dining season kick into full gear this December.

 Local businesses will gather on Tuesday, Dec. 2, with the Mayor and Phoenix City Council for the official announcement of the Buy Local Week proclamation and the significant economic impact that consumers have when they choose to shop locally, and shop in Phoenix during the holiday season.

 WHO: Mayor Phil Gordon and the Phoenix City Council with area local businesses and Local First Arizona are hosting a press conference to announce Buy Local Week.

 WHEN: 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 2

 WHERE: Light rail station at Central Avenue and Washington Street

 WHAT: Press conference announcing the proclamation of Buy Local Week in the City of Phoenix and the launch of Mayor Gordon's holiday economic stimulus program.

 Consumers can make a significant impact on the local economy simply by choosing to spend their dollars locally. Studies show that money spent in locally owned businesses re-circulates in the local economy up to three times more than dollars spent elsewhere. This choice can result in a market shift that can lead to the creation of new jobs - keeping libraries, public pools and parks open.

 City of Phoenix leaders are asking Phoenix residents to support local businesses as much as possible, but especially the week of December 8th-14th , at the peak of the holiday shopping and dining-out season.

-- Ray Stern

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