Phoenix Open Pond Swimmer Had .158 BAC; Body Slammed by Police Because He "Pulled Away," Cops Say *VIDEO*

If you were at the 18th hole at TPC Scottsdale during the Phoenix Open yesterday afternoon, you may have seen 23-year-old Rigoberto Polanco dive into a pond, swim across, and then get tackled by Scottsdale police just before tournament winner Kyle Stanley teed off on 18.

We were about 150 yards away. It was hilarious.

Polanco, believe it or not, was wasted -- and now he's charged with a few petty crimes.

Just before Stanley teed off on 18, we watched as a man -- later identified as Polanco -- jumped into the pond on the left side of the fairway and swam across.

After he jumped into the water, Scottsdale police drove golf carts to the bank of the pond and waited for Polanco to get out.

When polanco finished his swim, officers helped him out of the water. Then, for no apparent reason (Polanco appeared to be complying with the officers' orders), one officer violently tackled him to the ground.

Scottsdale Officer Dave Pubins tells New Times that Polanco had a blood-alcohol content of .158 when he blew into a breathalyzer shortly after his brief swim. He also says the reason Polanco was taken to the ground was because he "pulled away" from officers.

We were there -- right there -- and if Polanco "pulled away" from the officers, we sure didn't see it.

See for yourself below.

In any event, Polanco was arrested on one count each of public nuisance and disorderly conduct.

We've contacted Polanco to get his side of the story, and find out if he "pulled away," as Pubins says. We'll let you know if he gets back to us. Meantime, watch Polanco's swim -- courtesy of ABC 15 -- below.

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