Phoenix Police Bust Family Drug Operation, Recover Coke, Weed, Kids, and 19 Guns

Among other things a Phoenix family learned this week, police say stashing a bunch of guns next to a 4-year-old kid is not acceptable, neither is running a drug house, nor is a stash of four pounds of marijuana considered "personal use."

Police arrested Jonathan Ramon, Veronica Ramon, and Michael Mendoza, at their home near 73rd Avenue and Indian School Road Tuesday. Police are charging the father, mother, and son with crimes ranging from marijuana possession, fortification of a building for drug trafficking, endangerment, and marijuana production (they were also growing pot in the backyard.)

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At the beginning of July, police began investigating a tip that the family was running a drug operation from their house, court documents state.

They stopped two cars leaving the home and found "usable quantities of marijuana and cocaine" with the driver, according to court documents.

On one stop, a man fingered Jonathan -- the father -- as the person he bought the drugs from.

Officers raided the home and found the cache of weapons; seven had been stored in a closet in the front living room, all within reach of two children, on of whom is four years old.

"These firearms were within direct reach of the four year old," a probable-cause statement says.

Along with four pounds of weed, officers found a little cocaine, more than $15,000 in cash, digital scales, plastic baggies, plastic wrap, a vacuum sealer, and a single marijuana plant in the backyard.

Jonathan tried to take the wrap for all the weapons and drugs, police say, and Veronica and Michael were more than happy to let him. But all are being charged.

Police asked Michael what he and his dad did for work, or how they pay for the home and living costs, Michael declined to answer.

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