Phoenix Police Shoot Cop-Threatening Suicidal Man Off Freeway Overpass

is closed and a man is dead after he threatened to commit suicide by jumping from a highway overpass. Phoenix police shot him before he was able to execute his plan, but he still managed to fall to his death.

About 4 a.m. today, a motorist called police to report that he saw a man sitting on the 45th Avenue overpass in Phoenix. He apparently looked like he planned to jump.

When police arrived, the man made some threatening remarks, and indicated that he had a weapon.

The standoff lasted about two hours. About 4:45 a.m., he reportedly tried to climb down from his perch above the highway, but he apparently changed his mind and climbed back up.

About 6 a.m., the man made more threatening remarks to police, so they opened fire.

Police hit the man with bean bags, and finally with some live rounds.

Suicidal mission accomplished: after getting shot, the suicidal man fell to the highway, where he was pronounced dead.

Police haven't determined whether the man actually had a gun. The county medical examiner, police say, will determine whether the man died from the gunshot, or from the fall. His name has not been released.

Check back for updates.

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