Phoenix Rising Rally Nativists EXPOSED by Dennis Gilman

The cranks are all here in this video of the June 5 Phoenix Rising rally by videographer Dennis Gilman: Russell Pearce, Joe Arpaio, and lesser known wackjobs such as "Chemtrail Chelene" Nightingale, "Loopy Lupe" Moreno, self-loathing, wannabe white-boy Ray Herrera, and black apologist for slavery Ted Hayes.

Gilman braved aggro, racist bikers to get the material for this one. They were all over him at one point like beetles on a wet Jolly Rancher. The guy should have a bodyguard to do the work he does. Remember, his only weapon is his camera. Why do they attack him? Because with that camera, he shines a light on the nefarious deeds of nativists and neo-Nazis. And like it they do not.

Lump it up, racists. It's the truth.

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