Phoenix Sees Record High Temperatures as Northeast Gets Buried in Snow. Insert Nelson Muntz "Ha Ha!" Here

What did you do this weekend? Go to the park? Go hiking? A little golf? Whatever you did, it was probably vastly different from what people on the East Coast had going on.

As a lot of the country was snowed in for much of the weekend, to the point that snow collapsed the roof of the Minnesota Vikings football stadium, the Valley made history with record-setting temperatures that can be simply described as perfect.

On Sunday, it was 79 degrees (a record temperature for December 12 in Phoenix)  and sunny. On Monday, it was 82 degrees, breaking the December 13 record temperature of 78, which was recorded in 1938.

In contrast, much of the rest of the country looked like the image below.

For example, Rochester, New York, watched temperatures (ahem) soar into the 20s this past weekend and about 10 inches of snow was dumped on the Western New York city. As for this week, Ra-cha-cha is expecting temperatures in the teens and another foot of snow.


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