Phoenix Suns Rebound with Overtime Win Against New Jersey Nets

The Phoenix Suns have let a lot of games slip away from them recently, but they refused to let that happen in Wednesday night's home 118-109 win over the New Jersey Nets. Sure, it took an extra five minutes to nail this one down -- only the Suns' second win in their past six games -- but, hey, a win is a win. And any victory feels good after Tuesday night's debacle in Denver, where the Suns were pummeled 132-98 by the Nuggets.

In Wednesday night's game, Vince Carter had his highest point total (23) since becoming a Sun in mid-December, and Steve Nash pretty much took over the game, scoring 10 of the Suns' 15 overtime points. He finished with 23 points, 16 assists, and seven rebounds. And Channing Frye added 21 points for the Suns.

"This is the kind of game we needed, to find a way to win. And that's exactly what we did," Nash said after the game.

Of course, it's tough to get too excited about a win against one of the NBA's worst teams. The Nets are now 10-28, making them better than only the Cleveland Cavaliers, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Sacramento Kings. And with the win, the Suns still have a pretty bad themselves. At 16-21, they would be three games out of a playoff spot.

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Jay Bennett
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