Phoenix Suns Split Weekend Games. Bigger News: Channing Frye's Dislocated Shoulder

The Phoenix Suns stomped the Milwaukee Bucks Friday night, winning 102-88 before dropping a tight game 122-118 to the Oklahoma City Thunder in overtime Sunday.

Worse than the loss is an injury to Channing Frye, who dislocated his shoulder last night. The team will give Frye an MRI today.

Friday's game started slow for Planet Orange. As the horrible Bucks took an early lead, the Suns went into Bambi mode in the third quarter, going on a 19-0 run that gave them the lead for good in a game that should have never been close.

Milwaukee came into Friday's game without four of its regular players and had lost four of 11 in its last 15 games.

Sunday's contest saw a better performance by the Suns in some respects, but sloppy clutch shooting and Frye's dislocated shoulder allowed the Thunder to prevail.

Frye was a rebounding machine Sunday, boarding 15 before he was forced to leave the game in the fourth with the shoulder injury, courtesy of Thunder star Kevin Durant.

Vince Carter put up 29 but choked on the free-throw line in overtime to give the Thunder an opportunity to close it out. Steve Nash missed a three in the last few seconds of play that would have tied the game.

To make matters worse, the Memphis Grizzlies beat the Dallas Mavericks yesterday, and now lead the Suns by a game and a half for the last seed in the Western Conference.

The Suns host the Houston Rockets Tuesday at 8 p.m. at US Airways Center. That game will be aired on FSAZ. The Rockets are, like the Suns, a mediocre team that has faded from its standing in the 2000s. It should be an easy win for the Suns, but the team has a bad habit of losing to teams they should beat this season.

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Gregory Pratt
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